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Lucene gets a performance boost

Following the release of Lucene 2.3.0 on January 24th, I decided to upgrade an application I'm developing. The change log promised several improvements in indexing performance.

My application uses Lucene to index moderately complex information about events. Testing the application with Lucene 2.2.0 I found that a full reindex of 80.000 events stabilized on 164 seconds after a few rounds to make sure the JVM and caches were warmed up.

After upgrading to 2.3.0 and switching IndexWriter.setMaxBufferedDocs() to the new IndexWriter.setRAMBufferSizeMB() I started a reindex again to measure the difference.

So how long did it take to reindex 80.000 events in Lucene 2.3.0?

35 seconds

That's 470 percent faster!

So thanks to the Lucene team for the great work with this release. These guys continue to impress me.