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DogmaticMVC: The MVC framework that lets you know when you suck
Yeah, I know, I know.. Does the world really need Yet Another Web Framework? Ok, perhaps not. But I had this idea, and I felt like implementing it. The result is a web framework that takes test driven development to the extreme. DogmaticMVC was first ...
Nov 11, 2010
Make your war file executable with the Jetty Console Maven plugin
A while back I made a little Maven plugin that takes a war file and makes it executable. With executable I mean that it embeds a Jetty servlet container. Running java -jar myapp.war will deploy your war with the embedded Jetty instance. This provides a ...
Nov 10, 2009
Back from a fantastic Java Posse Roundup 2009
After a 30 hours, 5 flights travel, last night I finally made it home from the Java Posse Roundup in lovely Crested Butte, Colorado. After sleeping for 13 hours I'm now feeling quite good. Although I suffered jet lag, got a cold and had altitude induced ...
Mar 10, 2009
Slf4j on Glassfish: When smart ideas collide
Have you ever noticed how two ideas can seem really smart one by one, but not all that great when combined? I recently tried to install Nexus, the excellent Maven repository manager from Sonatype. (And by the way: Every organization using Maven needs a ...
Jan 2, 2009
Exploring the Glassfish commit history with SVNSearch
I recently added the Glassfish Subversion repository to Paul Sterk, the community manager for Glassfish, asked if I could provide some background on and the benefits of having Glassfish indexed there. So, here are some ways ...
Aug 16, 2008
Yes, cross-platform Single Sign-On for Java Webapps is possible.
A customer participating in the SVNSearch beta round asked me about Single Sign-On solutions for SVNSearch. SSO has become something of holy grail in the Enterprise. Everyone wants it but few seem to really achieve it. The Wikipedia article for Single ...
Jul 24, 2008
Implementing decorator templates with Apache Velocity
A couple of years ago I started replacing JSPs with Apache Velocity for generating HTML in my web applications. The simplicity and speed of Velocity was very appealing to me compared to the complex beast that JSP is. Compiling JSP to Java, then to byte ...
Apr 7, 2008
Lucene gets a performance boost
Following the release of Lucene 2.3.0 on January 24th, I decided to upgrade an application I'm developing. The change log promised several improvements in indexing performance. My application uses Lucene to index moderately complex information about ...
Feb 15, 2008
The extra dot in dot-com
Sun no longer claims they "put the dot in dot-com", but did you know there's actually more than one dot in dot-com? According to RFC1034 "
Oct 29, 2007
Making your Java app shine on OS X
Making your Java application look and feel like a native OS X application has until recently been one of those things that is hard to get right. There are various solutions floating around, but they tend to force you to build and package the application ...
Oct 2, 2007
Packaging Java apps for OS X with Maven
Anyone attending a Java conference the past few years must have noticed the steady increase of Java developers working on a Mac. The good looking hardware sure helps, but the main reason people are flocking to the Mac is OS X. Apple's operating system is ...
Sep 19, 2007
Better webapp config: Spring integration and an example
I promised following up my post about a better way to configure Java web applications with an example. The key point to take home from that post was that: We should move all configuration out of the [Java] webapp, treat configuration as just another ...
Sep 18, 2007
A better way to configure Java Web Applications
Anyone who's installed a few Java EE webapps in their life knows what pain it can be to establish and maintain a working configuration. It's usually far from the it just works experience I've gotten used to and tends to involve mocking around quite a few ...
Sep 12, 2007